Tell & Share

Do you have a story to tell and share about Reg Hill?  The time you met him?  How one of his novels meant something special to you?  If you do, please leave your story in the comments here.  We’d all love to hear from you!

2 thoughts on “Tell & Share

  1. I met him only once at a Waterstones Branch in Sheffield when he was doing a reading and talk about On Beulah Height. He thanked me for buying two copies! What a lovely gracious intelligent man and what a great writer.

    • Your comments here those of many who encountered him. If only more could find the ability to be gracious these days! And yes, again many say what a great writer he was, and they don’t necessarily pigeon-hole him in/as crime but refer to this talent generally. Thanks again for commenting, Darren. On the ‘Tell & Share’ page we hope to collect many such recollections as yours.

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