Others will be added to this list when fully confirmed, as well as links to the contribution on the day the article is released.

Co-host: Rhian Davies of It’s a Crime! (UK)
Co-host: Margot Kinberg of Confessions of a Mystery Novelist (USA)
Publisher: Julia Wisdom of HarperCollins (UK)
Publisher: HarperCollins (UK) – competitions #1, #2, #3.
Friend: Jane Holmes (UK)
Author: Andrew Taylor (UK)
Author: Margaret Murphy (UK)
Author: Martin Edwards (UK)
Author: Mike Walters (UK)
Author: Vanda Symon (New Zealand)
Author: Rob Kitchin (Ireland)
Author: Ann Cleeves (UK)
Author: Bill Kitson (UK)
Author: Stephen Booth (UK)
Author: N.J. Cooper (UK)
Author: Jessica Mann (UK)
Author: Anne Zouroudi (UK)
Author: Pauline Rowson (UK)
Author: Val McDermid (UK)
Author and Journalist: Mike Ripley (UK)
Author and Journalist: Iwan Morelius (Sweden & Spain)
Author and Journalist: Ruth Dudley Edwards (UK & Ireland)
Author and Journalist: Barry Forshaw (UK)
Journalist: Jake Kerridge (UK)
Online crime aficionado: Bernadette Bean of Reactions to Reading (Australia)
Online crime aficionado: José Ignacio Escribano of The Game’s Afoot (Spain)
Online crime aficionado: Norman Price of Crime Scraps Review (UK)
Online crime aficionado: Bill Selnes of Mysteries and More from Saskatchewan (Canada)
Online crime aficionado: Kerrie Smith of Mysteries in Paradise (Australia)
Online crime aficionado: Sarah Ward of Crime Pieces (UK/Greece)
Online crime aficionado: Janet Rudolph of Mystery Readers International (USA)
Online crime aficionado: Roberta Rood of Books to the Ceiling (USA)
Online crime aficionado: Nick Hay of Mystery Mile (UK)
Online crime aficionado: Yvonne Klein of Reviewing the Evidence (Canada)

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