Final Reginald Hill COMPETITION #3

To win in this final week:
A – a framed promotional art work for The Stranger House
B – a signed hardback of Midnight Fugue
C – 1 of 5 packs of random Reginald Hill novels in paperback.
All you have to do:
Leave a comment here or email us at crimewritingmonth at gmail dot com.  Open worldwide.
The draw will take place on Saturday 14 July at 22:00 and in the order A, B then C.  Please state if you have a specific preference for the draw, i.e. ‘A only’ etc, ‘A and C’ etc, or ‘all’.
Many thanks again to HarperCollins, UK, for the prizes.
Winners for both this competition and competition #2 will be announced on Saturday 14 July at 22:30.


6 thoughts on “Final Reginald Hill COMPETITION #3

  1. Thank you for hosting this month about Reggie. Reading everyone’s comments and trying to write one of my own has helped me begin to come to terms with his death. Even so the knowledge that we won’t see him again is still so very painful. I do hope you are both better now and that you have enjoyed the responses.

  2. I would have no problem with being lucky enough to receive any of those prizes. (So ‘all’) My most treasured possession will always be that personal letter he wrote to me, when I wrote to him as a fan. He was so thoughtful and compassionate to a young writer, as well as being honest and very open.

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