Round-up of Week Three

Thanks again to all our wonderful contributors.

On Monday, 18 June, we kicked off with ‘A personal memory: The Friday Walkers’ from Jane Holmes, a good friend of the late Reginald Hill, who shared her strong and beloved memories with readers.  Then on Tuesday, Natasha Cooper recalled the great Reginald Hill with her own personal memory.  Jake Kerridge took us down memory lane for a younger reader on Wednesday, where, with his ‘Book Review and Tribute: Bones and Silence’ we heard how Hill had impressed the young Jake in his formative reading years.  The impact was so big that Jake is the well-known the crime fiction reviewer at the Daily Telegraph. 

From New Zealand on Thursday, author and veteran watcher of the Dalziel and Pascoe TV series, Vanda Symon wrote of her first experience of reading a Hill novel with her Book Review: The Woodcutter.  As we consistently maintain here: it’s never too late to start reading the work of Reginald Hill!

Then on Saturday, UK crime author Pauline Rowson, a veteran Hill reader provided another angle entirely, telling us how the delights of re-reading Reginald Hill never diminish.

Finally from the week’s posts, today from Canada, Yvonne Klein shared her love of one particular novel with her Book Review: The Death of Dalziel.

If you want to win a surprise pack of novels, the Friday 22 June #fridayreads COMPETITION #2 is open for you to enter, so do pop along.
And now for the winners of the Friday 15 June #fridayreads COMPETITION #1

We are sorry to be sticklers for detail here, but we didn’t have enough entries with the correct answers.  Thus we have only two winners, and each will receive the UK first editions of The Woodcutter: Janis Littleton from Australia and Vanda Symon from NZ.  Congratulations to both!
We will roll forward the unclaimed prizes into a mammoth COMPETITION #3 on Friday this coming week.

As we approach the final days of this celebration of Reginald Hill, do expect more personal articles as we venture into more stories from colleagues and fellow authors.  We hope you will continue to enjoy reading this tribute.

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