‘Celebrating Reginald Hill’ Competition #1 now open

We hope you’ve been reading the site with great enjoyment.  You may want to try out a novel by Reginald Hill for the first time, you might want to extend your Hill reading, or you may love to collect first editions.  In all cases we have prizes just for you.  For competition #1 we will concentrate on two of the popular books in our posts to date and thus we have the following up for grabs:

  1. 2 UK first editions of The Woodcutter (see picture above – Midnight Fugue and the poster will be offered in Competition#3)
  2. 3 UK paperbacks of The Woodcutter
  3. 5 UK paperbacks of The Stranger House.

Many thanks to HarperCollins for the provision of the prizes.

*Rules* – because we have to…

To win, you have to answer the following five questions correctly to be entered into a draw.  Your answers should be emailed to crimewritingmonth at gmail dot com.  We will acknowledge receipt of entries sent within the deadline, within 24 hours of receipt – so do get in touch if you have not heard from us as gmail’s spam filter can be very aggressive.  The deadline for this competition is midnight (UK time) on Wednesday, 20 June.   The draw will take place on Sunday 24 June and the winners will be announced in the weekly round-up post at 18:00. This competition (#1) is open to entrants worldwide.  For the draw, the two hardback first editions will be drawn first followed by 2 copies of The Stranger House, then we will alternate between the PBs of The Woodcutter and The Stranger House to the final copy.  Winners will be contacted by email for their postal addresses which will be passed on to HarperCollins for despatch.

**The Questions** – because you have to…

Answers to all of the following questions can be found on this site.  We hope you will enjoy scouring around to find them. (And do remember that there is a search box on the right hand side of the main page.)

Question 1

Who, on first meeting Reginald Hill, thought he looked like a Viking and that her own accent might be ‘off-putting’?

Question 2

For Professor Underhill, which language is ‘…the only language he cares to read these days’?

Question 3

What did Reginald Hill say after ‘swaying to and fro’ and to whom?

Question 4

In which short story did Dalziel and Pascoe first meet?

Question 5

Which book sees religious aspects balanced out by a pragmatic atheist?

Good luck!


2 thoughts on “‘Celebrating Reginald Hill’ Competition #1 now open

  1. Yay! I’ve entered. Wasn’t hard, I’ve loved reading everyone’s contributions to this site. Keep them coming!

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