Today we officially launch this site to remember and celebrate the life and work of Reginald Hill.  It will run actively from 1 to 30 June with one post per day (sometimes two) and will include:

  • personal articles from Reg Hill’s friends and colleagues
  • articles on his novels, short stories and other work
  • interviews
  • articles on TV adaptations
  • competitions to win prizes of books and other memorabilia.  (With thanks to HarperCollins.)

We have a wonderful selection of people making contributions here, including some well-known names in the world of crime fiction and who knew Reg Hill very well indeed.

We will update the schedule and the list of contributors as this week progresses, so please drop by again to see what’s coming!  You can also leave a comment on the ‘Tell & Share’ page if you have a great story to share, or simply want to add your own thoughts on Reg Hill.  If you’d like to get in touch with a possible contribution, please visit the ‘Contact’ page for details.

Do mark June 1st in your diary, for it’s the start of all-things-Reg during this year’s Crime Writers’ Association’s Crime Writing Month.  If you’re on twitter, look out for the hashtag #crimemonth for details of lots of other events as well as the posts from this site.

We hope you will enjoy reading what we have in store for you in June.

Rhian & Margot (Co-hosts)


14 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. The death of Reg Hill was the only passing of crime novelist that gave me a considerable jolt. One of the finest ever gone from us — and no more Dalziel and Pascoe. I’m delighted you have arranged this tribute to him.

  2. What a fantastic tribute and wonderful transnational blogging enterprise! I haven’t read any Reginald Hill novels (I know, I know, some appalling gaps in my reading), and am looking forward to finding out lots more about the author and his works over the coming month. Any recommendations for a good starting point?

    • Thanks Mrs P. There is a massive body of work here from series to standalones to novels under pseudonyms. Popular choices for writing about in the forthcoming articles include:
      The Stranger House
      The Woodcutter
      The Death of Dalziel
      On Beulah Height
      A Clubbable Woman (first in the Dalziel and Pascoe series)
      A Cure for All Diseases
      I hope that makes a start for you!

  3. His death has left a huge gap in the highest quality literary crime fiction that didnt patronise its readers but made them think. Books such as Deaths Jest Book, Pictures of Perfection and A Killing Kindness are works of real profundity. He also wrote the great Joe Sixsmith series and used pseudonyms as Patrick Ruell, Dick Morland and Charles Underhill to extend his range.

    • Thanks Darren. You are so right there. I hope you continue to enjoy the site during June as we have a lot of wonderful contributions coming up.

  4. Wanted to drop a remark and let you know your Feed isnt functioning today. I tried including it to my Google reader account but got nothing.

  5. I have all Reginald Hill’s crime novels and thrillers, some signed by him and two letters written by him to me, which I treasure. He was and still is a great inspiration to me. I re-read his crime novels and thrillers constantly. To think that there will be no more is very sad.

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